"Blossom Grove" logo of a pink blossom tree

An Extension of Home

Based in Cantley our small nursery is for children from 6 months to 4 years. Our environment at Blossom Grove is very important to us. Tucked away in a bungalow, its homely rooms provide an array of natural and 'real life' resources and spaces allowing children to choose their preferred learning environment. Whether your little one prefers to play in the quiet and calm of 'The Snug' or the messy, hustle-bustle of 'The Den' there is an environment for them.

For our 'outdoorsy' little ones, our garden space provides them with a safe, secure environment where they can let their imaginations run wild in the junk yard, get creative in the craft area of simply enjoy a book by the vegetable patch.

Children are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of Blossom Grove life, growing vegetables, sweeping the studio, or clearing the tables after dinner. Blossom Grove is an extension of home.

We also have 'The Grove' wrap around care and school holiday club onsite, providing all your childcare needs in one place.